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Ninja ladybug and cat noir

Developer: Sunday Games

Get acquainted with modern heroes of Paris! Adrien and Marinette - students, almost like all others, but at the slightest threat to Paris they become Ladybug and Cat Noir. Their improbable abilities help friends to struggle with the evil in Paris, but thus none of them dont know who actually disappears behind a mask of. However having only united, super - heroes will be able to overcome their general sworn enemy – Hauk Mot who dispatches around the city the dark butterflies turning into enslaved villains of ordinary inhabitants.Someone powerful dispatches the dark butterflies capable to turn any person into the super villain, and uses enslaved persons for the dark affairs. Ladybug and Super Cat have to stop the enemy and save Paris. Help the young woman of fashion to the Ladybug to rescue residents of Paris from powers of darkness! Catch the subjects bewitched by the sworn enemy of Hawk Moth, but be more attentive! The villain prepared dangerous bombs in the form of a light medallion to the Ladybug.
They the elite, and their mission - to save Paris from evil forces. Help charming heroes to clear the city of evil magic!
You have 3 lives for rescue of the city, collect magic objects and improve the dexterity!
Features:★ Bright graphics of the favourite animated film of Ladybug★ Convenient management and unique animation★ Free game with superheroes